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What we do

  • System design with digital hydraulic motors

  • Control development

  • HIC design and production

  • High efficiency HPU's

Design of systems with digital motors

Diinef support the use of digital motors. Their unique characteristics offer significant advantages, some of which allow for system simplifications and cost reductions. To get the most of them, we are ready to help you.

One obvious difference between digital motors with Diinef valve systems and traditional variable motors is that high pressure and low pressure does not switch side, still the digital motor is a four quadrant motor. This supports as an example regenerative solutions with energy storage in accumulators but also raise questions about ”how to do”. We have solutions and know-how and we are ready to help you out.



With digital motors, a lot of functionality is created in software. Diinef's highly integrated simulation- and programming environment allows us to design, simulate and implement tailored control solutions very effectively in the embedded motor controller.

HIC designs (manifolds)

Diinef has long experience in the specialized discipline of hydraulic manifold design. A manifold will often simplify systems and make the physical layout more cost effective. And if you build many similar systems, hydraulic manifolds are must-have. 3D design, stress and fatigue analysis along with extensive reviews are part of our design process. And we can help you optimize your design and component choice to match the production volume.

We have flexibility to use any cartridge or Cetop valve in the market, or non-standard valves like Diinefs own extremely compact 600 lpm 3-way valve. Or to create non-conform shapes and envelopes.

We have two specialized manufacturers of manifolds in our supplier base to support manufacturing in all materials.


Design of regenerative HPU and accumulator solutions

Diinef have more innovative HPU configurations to minimize energy consumption with digital motors. But these are of course also valuable in other systems. And with more that 50 years of combined experience with hydraulic systems and design, we’ll be happy to assist you as needed.

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