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Motor applications

Use as controlling motors in high-torque applications where more motors are needed, e.g. large winches. Speed control, torque control, position control, energy regeneration, safety, no load-lowering valves, system simplification, HPU downsizing. Significant system cost reduction.

Use as controlling motors in low speed positioning control applications (e.g. 0-25 rpm), also when only one motor is used.

Ultra fast response, precise creep mode, locking function, configurable safety.

Use as high power motors for continuous operation, up to 200+ rpm and up to 1.4 MW. Efficiency above 90 % in a wide working range, and high efficiency even at reduced displacement.


  • Direct supply by open circuit HPU, constant or variable pressure (motor will adapt to pressure)

  • High efficiency, also at part load

  • Regeneration of braking energy

  • No gearbox, i.e. 4-8 % losses are removed and no backlash

  • Low inertia (can be neglected in most applications)

  • Fast response (50 ms to switch direction or displacement)

  • Control over ethernet for easy integration in systems

  • Energy efficiency comparable to electrical motor with frequency converter

  • Reduced system cost

Digital motors are new in the market and each application analysis reveals new advantages. Contact us!

HMB_no background_Scaled.png

Digital Imenco Bauer HMB5

200+rpm, 350 kW

Digital Imenco Bauer HMK18-32.6

90+rpm, 1.4 MW

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