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Hybrid winch drives

Digital hybrid winches meets future demands for reduced carbon dioxid and material spendings footprint.

At an affordable cost it combines the excellent controllability of electrical drives with the cost effectiveness and energy efficiency of digital hydraulic drives. And the use of e.g. copper, silicium, cobolt and other sparse ressources is minimized in favour of the use of steel for the hydraulics.

  • Fast and precise control from electric drives

  • Compact size and attractive cost from hydraulic systems

  • Efficient regeneration of power with hydraulic accumulators for cyclic operation

  • Power to grid from long lowering operations

  • Fully integrated hybrid controller

By installing only 10-20% of the nominal torque as electric, the drive can operate with the characteristics of a fully electric drive while keeping the benefits of the hydraulic system. Visit the DIGIWIN homepage to see real-life test results.

Diinef has developed a control system that integrates the VFD in the motor network. Operation commands are sent to the Master hydraulic motor where the embedded controller provide smooth cooperation between digital hydraulic motors and electrical drives.

To get the most of the system, the hybrid drive should be accompanied by an equally efficient and smart HPU. Diinef has developed concepts that have the right characteristics and optimize regeneration of energy. We are happy to support you as needed ! 

Hybrid winch.png

Hybrid winch system.

Digital hydraulic motors and variable frequency drive in ring-network with a redundant gateway interface to a winch controller

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