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Digital Distributor Valve System


Diinef's Digital Distributor Valve System is an integrated product. It has been iterated and optimized during more than 8 years, and is an excellent example of mechatronic design; each function is achieved by the technology best suited, being a mechanical spring, a hydraulic pilot area or a non-linear software control function.


The elegant cylinder valves, the easy and intuitive electronic connections and the well-protected integration of the shaft sensor as well as the easy update of software and control parameters via the control network all is made to support  ease of integration into all kinds of machinery.

Cylinder valves

Each cylinder valve has two high-flow, pilot operated poppet valves that connects the cylinder to high or low pressure. Overpressure protection is integrated, and in case of cylinder overload oil is disposed to the high pressure line.

The valve housing is optimized by CFD analysis to keep flow losses at a minimum. Pressure and temperature sensors are integrated. 


Each motor is equipped with a controller. The controller connects the valves, sensors, communication network and power. The rugged aluminium housing (IP67) is equipped with safety microprocessors and high quality components. Protection against over-voltage, reverse polarity and high temperature makes handling safe.

​Control software

The motor can be controlled in all four quadrants with optimal valve timing. A range of novel control options is included in the software including displacement control, motor locking, freewheeling, over centre control, position control and creep mode. Software development is done according to IEC 61508 on functional safety for the highest safety and reliability.



The controller monitors all important operational data and loads. Data can be stored and used for a range of valuable functions, e.g. service life predictions, condition monitoring, overload protection.

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