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Cylinder valve

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Diinef's cylinder valve is optimized to control oil in and out of cylinders in HTLS motors.

Though it is also a versatile and very compact 3 way 4 position electrically operated directional valve with high capacity.

The cylinder port has build in overpressure protection and may be supplied with an anti-cavitation valve.

Pilot oil is supplied directly from high pressure.

In HTLS motors, it is connected to three pressures zones: Phigh, Plow and Pdrain, but it is also functional with two pressure zones (e.g. Phigh and Ptank or Phigh and Plow)

As an option, it can be supplied with an interface manifold matching customer specifications, and more valves may even be put in parallel to increase capacity.


  • 600 lpm @ 5 bar pressure drop (average in and out)

  • 275 bar


  • Both open

  • Both closed

  • Open high - cylinder

  • Open low - cylinder

  • Cylinder overpressure protection

  • Cylinder anti cavitation (optional)


  • 24V 1A nominal (each solenoid)

  • 12V 2A (optional)

  • From 20-25 ms shifting time*


  • Phigh, Plow, Pcyl: Ø25mm

  • Drain: Ø6 mm


  • 10 kg (excl. pressure transducers)


  • Pressure transducers (Phigh, Plow, Pcyl)

  • Temperature sensor

  • Configurable no-power state (NO, NC)

  • DIN or Deutsch connectors

  • Anti-cavitation valve (cylinder port)


  • Interface manifold available upon request

*depending on driver electronics

valve block interface.png
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