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Imenco Bauer Digital motors

Imenco Bauer's hydraulic motor program has more than 60 years of history, during many years known as Bauer Hydraulic Motors. They are large and rugged eccentric shaft motors with high bearing capacities and low internal friction and they provide excellent and proven platforms for digital motors.

Valve system iso_Scaled.png

Digital Distributor Valve System

A Digital Distributor Valve System increase motor capacity 2-3 times, losses are cut in half and the motor becomes controllable.

With Imenco Bauer motors, flow capacity follow the number of cylinders:

5 cylinders: 850 lpm

7 cylinders: 1200 lpm

9 cylinders: 1500 lpm

18 cylinders: 3000 lpm

This is 2-3 times higher than the same motors with traditional distributor valves.

Valveblock S non-cabled-1_Scaled.JPG

Cylinder valve

Each cylinder valve have two high-flow, pilot operated poppet valves that connects the cylinder to high or low pressure. Overpressure protection is integrated.

Valve are optimized with CFD calculations to keep pressure losses at a minimum. Pressure and temperature sensors are integrated. 

Electronic Circuit

Control and drivers

The motor control system consists of

  • Controller housing 

  • Master controller card

  • Valve driver card

  • Sensors

The system is designed to enable SIL2 approval, compactness, long life time and fast activation. 

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