Conpleks Innovation is engineering partner on electronics and software. Conpleks has PhD level know-how on safe control systems, vast experience on design of embedded electronics and software and an agile organisation. Conpleks is a perfect match to Diinef needs.

Imenco Bauer Hydraulics has 50 years track record of manufacturing heavy duty hydraulic motors. Motors have continously been refined, and they are perfect match for Diinef valve systems. Bauer motors range from 1.0 l/rev to 32.6 l/rev, and torque is up to 132 000 Nm. With Diinef valve systems, the largest motor delivers up to 1.4 MW at 90 rpm.


Diinef`s technology and business model has been recognized as highly innovative and with great industrial benefits. Diinef's business development is supported by Innoventus Sør, and Diinef research and development has been rewarded financial support by

  • Innovation Norway

  • Skattefunn

  • Norwegian research council

  • Sørlandets Kompetansefond

DIGIWIN is a cooperation project between MacGregor Norway, Imenco Bauer Hydraulics, University of Agder and Diinef. Scope of the project is to develop digital hydraulic winch drives. The project is supported by the Research Council of Norway.

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