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Technology areas

Diinef's technology is based on the digitalisation of the High Torque Low Speed motor. This development has resultet in a technology portfolio which covers mechanics, electronics and software. Visit each area to get more information. 

HMB_no background_Scaled.png

Digital hydraulic motors

The Digital Distributor Valve System transforms the 40-50 year old robust radial piston HTLS motor to a network coubled, high efficient machine for the future.

With electronic control in the heart of the motor, each cylinder is freely connected to high- or low pressure. The result is a range of functions and features that makes the motors attractive as high power, high efficient controlling devices in a range of applications.

Valveblock S non-cabled-1_Scaled.JPG

Valve block technology

The valves are designed for +100M cycles. The technology can be adapted for different purposes and machines.

The current motor valve block has two high-flow, pilot operated poppet valves that connects the cylinder to high or low pressure. Overpressure protection is integrated.

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